Crypto Prophecy Course Review (Jamie Lewis) A.K.A. Crypto Girl

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Crypto Prophecy

Crypto Prophecy Course Review

Description:  Crypto Prophecy is an online cryptocurrency course designed to teach anyone how they can make money by day trading currencies.  This course was created by cryptocurrency trader and Youtuber Jamie Lewis who frequently goes by the name of Crypto Girl.  In this course, Jamie breaks down what she believes the 4 hottest cryptocurrencies of the month are and why.  Jamie releases several modules a month to students in the course explaining why she believes certain cryptocurrencies are a good investment.  In addition, Jamie teaches how to use several web tools in order to monitor current analytic measurements she believes are key indicators when evaluating cryptocurrency.  This course is designed for someone looking to get into cryptocurrency but does not know how to start.  This course gives you a current overview of the market, and how to determine investments to pursue and stay away from.  After viewing this course anyone will be able to look at the market cap, available units, and delivery method in order to determine what cryptocurrencies are posied to break out.
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