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Consulting Accelerator



The Consulting Accelerator  $1997

Many people believe that you need to have an incredibly successful career in a specific field in order to be a consultant.  While it definitely helps to be an expert in your field, Sam Ovens discovered it was completely unnecessary to become a successful consultant 99% of the time. Sam began a web design and marketing consulting business for local companies based in Australia when he was only 21 years old.  He definitely did not have the credentials most would expect from a reputable consultant.  In reality, Sam knew absolutely nothing about web design or internet marketing at the time.  Instead, Sam focused on getting clients and then hired independent contractors to do all the design and funnel work. Sam’s course gives an in-depth analysis of how the consulting landscape has changed with both the rise of the internet and social media.  Sam details how even if you are an “expert” in your field it is extremely difficult to scale a consulting business where you are the only one doing any work.  In order to begin making six figures as a consultant, you need to hire independent contractors who are functional experts in their role unless you are ok with working 60+ hours a week.



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Pros and cons



  • 1 on 1 Coaching Calls with Sam’s professional lead generation coahces
  • Group Coaching calls
  • Automatic progress charts throughout each module
  • Course can be applied to multiple industries
  • In-depth Facebook Advertising Strategy
  • In-depth SEO training



  • None Reported



Week 1: Mastering Your Niche and Offer

  • Find profitable niches that are not overly competitive
  • How to create a special product other consultants are not currently offering (finding the gap in the market)
  • How to acquire clients based on what you are offering not your past experience

Week 2: Mastering the Consultation 

  • Focuses on how to deliver the pitch to potential clients
  • Watch multiple cases studies on successful and unsuccessful pitches
  • How to focus the conversation on solving a problem for the company

Week 3: 3 Fast Ways To Get completely Organic Traffic 

  • Focuses on generating Organic traffic through Facebook posts, Direct mail, and email marketing
  • How to begin  converting clients in less than one month

Week 4: Setting Up Your Appointment Generator 

  • Sam includes many advertising templates and scripts he has used for various consulting businesses that he has personally spent over $50,000 on
  • Sam explains how to model your pitch and advertisements on his successful models so they have a much higher chance of converting leads

Week 5: Setting Up a Succesful Facebook Campaign 

  • This module goes extremely in-depth on how to execute multiple successful Facebook ad campaigns simultaneously.  Sam covers many of the beginner misconceptions and beginner mistakes when starting ad campaigns
  • Sam shows how you can start a campaign with only $5 a day and scale it up to several hundred dollars a day within two months.

Week 6: Scaling Your Business to Six Figures and Beyond 

  • This module focuses on various legal issues consultants can fall into and how to easily set up your business to avoid them
  • Sam also includes multiple contract templates that would normally cost thousands of dollars for an attorney to write from scratch
  • Complete walkthrough on how to hire local and virtual contractors
  • How to set up referral systems to automatically generate client leads

About the Creator

Sam Ovens got into the consulting business while he was still living on his parent’s couch.  Sam was growing tired of working odd jobs and began studying internet marketing as a way to make additional income.  Sam realized it would be relatively easy to be hired as a consultant for web design but the problem was he really did not have a skill he believed anyone would pay for.  Sam decided to hire independent contractors as “functional experts” in order to do work on the consulting jobs he acquired online.  After building multiple million dollar businesses Sam created the Consulting Accelerator Course in order to show anyone how they can monetize their skills or outsource work they are unable to perform

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