Chinese Zero To Hero Course Review (Jon long)

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Chinese Zero To Hero

Chinese Zero To Hero Course Review (Jon long)

Description:  Chinese Zero to Hero is an online course designed to teach any English speaking person how to become fluent in Mandarin Chinese within a matter of months.  Unlike other language learning applications and courses such as Duolingo Zero to Hero Chinses prioritizes learning conversational Chinese and proper grammar over a bunch of vocabulary words. If you have previously struggled to learn Chinese from a traditional school or Rosetta Stone method this course may be the breakthrough you need.  Chinese Zero to Hero is full of short training modules that are all available separately or can be purchased together for $197.  This way if you only want to learn to read, write, or learn a particular dialect you can pinpoint exactly what you need.  This course takes you through real-world conversations and translation meetings in order to show you how the skill set is best applied.  After completing this course you will be able to successfully able to communicate with anyone in Mandarin, and you will have a completely functional understanding of the language.
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  • Price: $197
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