BNB Formula Course Review (Brian Page)

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BNB Formula is an online course designed to show anyone how the can generate 6 or 7 figure income by renting out Airbnb properties.  This course allows anyone to begin renting out property, regardless of whether or not they actually own the property.  This course was created by internet entrepreneur, business coach, and professional speaker Brian Page.  Brian’s course shows you the step-by-step process he used in order to generate $300,000 in profit just by leasing out properties he did not own through Airbnb. This course is designed to show students every facet of the Airbnb leasing industry and leaves no stones unturned when showing you the full process for creating a fully functioning business within 6 months.  Because the program is built around contacting landlords with vacant properties, Brian’s course shows any aspiring entrepreneur how they can rapidly expand their portfolio of available units without having to risk any upfront investment.  This is the perfect course for someone looking to break into the real estate market but does not have the funds to acquire properties.  This course is also extremely intense and lasts 8 weeks total with actionable steps that need to be taken every week.  At the end of the 8-week training course, you should already be generating revenue, and preparing to aggressively scale your portfolio of available housing units.


The course cost comes at a premium.  At the time of this review, BNB Formula costs $1997.00.  While this is extremely expensive for an online course (nearly double the cost of a typical college class) it is very cheap to get your business up and running.  The course also lasts 8 weeks and is packed with information.  It is 7-8 times as dense as a typical 5-10 hour course.


Week 1: Prep

In this module, Brain lays out an action plan for the next 8 weeks.  He provides a broad overview of everything you will need to set up in order to be able to legally run your business so you can immediately begin generating revenue. He also outlines several tools you will need to use in order to begin automating your business and scale quickly.

Week 2: Partner

This module details how to find virtual assistants in order to manage the day to day operations of your business.  Virtual assistants cost a fraction of what a regular employee would, and will allow you to rapidly scale once you put Brian’s processes into place.

Week 3: Locate

This stage is all about finding properties you can begin to list on Airbnb.  Brain shows his process for vetting out popular properties that are not currently listed and how you can find them in virtually any city.  Brian provides both call and email templates for you to begin making contacts with property owners so you can get properties listed as soon as possible.

Week 4: Stage

This module covers how to properly list a property so that customers on Airbnb will want to stay there.  Brian provides several strategies on how to use his “secret sauce” in order to display a higher perceived value without having to spend any extra money.  This step is crucial for success on the Airbnb marketplace.  Without being able to properly differentiate yourself it will be difficult to rank and grab attention.

Week 5: List

This module takes you into an even further deep dive on how to create the perfect listing and start booking your properties.  At the end of week 5, you should start to see revenue coming in.

Week 6: Launch

Week 6 covers how to begin regulating your business now that you have money coming in.  This includes bookkeeping, the exact process to begin hiring virtual assistants, and how to scale without sacrificing quality and customer service.

Week 7: Automate

This module covers how to begin removing yourself from the day to day operations of your business.  Brain explains how to do this using automated software and virtual assistants.  If you are not careful it will be very easy for your business to consume all of your time.  Making a successful business is only the first part of the BNB Formula.  The second part is making your business work for you so you have financial flexibility and free time.

Week 8: Rinse and Repeat

This module summarizes everything you have learned over the last 8 weeks and reiterates the strategy you need to adopt in order to succeed.  This module also covers how Brain has expanded and scaled his business over the course of the last year.


Who Is Brian Page?

Brian Page is an internet marketer and entrepreneur how has been utilizing e-commerce channels, affiliate marketing, and lead generation businesses since the early 2000s.  Brian got the idea for BNB Formula several years ago, and spent the last two years perfecting the program and methodology.  In his first year Brain made over $300,000 profit with his Airbnb business.  Brian’s Airbnb business is now generating 7 figures in revenue and


The BNB formula is a proven actionable way to break into real estate investing without having to own property.  BEcause you can leverage property you do not own you can scale to dozens or even hundreds of properties without having to invest a single penny of your own money into property.  While it is not actually feasible for most people to have a fully scaled business within 8 weeks you can definitely get your business set up and begin generating revenue in that time.  However, most people will need to go back over the material.  The course price definitely comes at a premium, but it is much cheaper than investing in property to rent out.

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