How To Create Backend Search Terms For Amazon

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Anyone who says they “figured out Amazon’s algorithm” either works for Amazon or is trying to sell you something.   For those of you who do not know the “algorithm” is a formula that determines the specific order of listings on a page. So someone who ranks #1 on page 1 will probably sell way more than #5 on page 1.   While the exact ranking algorithm is unknown Amazon has openly stated several factors that impact a product’s ranking.

  • Sales
  • Reviews
  • Keywords (Title, bullets, backend)
  • Description
  • Brand Recognition
  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • Advertising Spend
  • Image Quality and number of images


While sales and reviews unquestionably carry the most weight in ranking, this post will focus on keywords.  Keywords are basically all the words in your listing that cause your listing to appear for specific keywords.  This includes all words in the title, all bullet points, and your back end.


Keywords are extremely important because it is the only thing Amazon can base your product off of when you first start out and do not have any sales or reviews.  Great keywords = good initial placement.  Poor Keywords= poor initial placement.


If your listing does not initially rank high the only way to get customers to see your listings is to pay for advertising.  This can cost hundreds or possibly even thousands of dollars.


Anyone can look at the title and bullet points of a competitor’s listing and come up with something similar.  However, the backend search terms are unquestionably the most overlooked part of any listing because it is impossible to compare to anyone else.


Backend search terms are only visible in the “back end” and only the person who wrote them can see these keywords. However, these keywords are still used by Amazon to rank your listing, so if you leave it blank or do not fill it out completely you are missing out on a ton of free traffic. This post is meant to show you how to create thousands of converting backend search terms for any listing on Amazon.


For this example, we will pretend we are trying to create a listing for a new type of dog food on Amazon.


  1. Take Full titles of top 10 listings for the search term “dog food” on Amazon.  Put all 10 titles into word counter to show word frequency (Dog and Food) are obviously the most popular
  2. Look at the words with the highest frequency and use common sense to piece them together ie; “dog food” not “food dog”
  3. Take 10 of the common terms and plug them into a related search term generator.
  4. Merchant Words and SEO Keyword tool will give thousands of related words with estimated search frequency
  5. Compile every term into one list and sort from z-a for frequency relevance
  6. Eliminate duplicates  via google sheets and
  7. Take top 1,000 keywords (There will probably be around 7,000)
  8. Delete the last 100 (These were sorted by frequency so the last 100 terms are the least searched of the remaining keywords)
  9. Translate the top 100 keywords into Spanish and then add it to the remaining 900 keywords
  10. Paste into Amazon
  11. Sell more


If you have any questions on this process please feel free to comment below and I will be happy to assist you.

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