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Are you having trouble creating a successful blog or personal brand?  Are you confused why you are unable to monetize your blog or have it be as successful as you thought? Yaro Starak’s professional course Blog Money Finder shows you the step by step process he uses when determining whether or not a blog has the audience to be successful. Yaro currently operates another course called Blog Mastermind.  In this course, Yaro taught his students the step by step process he used to generate high six-figure income from one of his blogs.  While many of Yaro’s students created successful engaging blogs, there were some students who followed Yaro’s advice but eventually gave up because their blog could never attract a big enough audience.  Yaro decided to launch an investigation to determine what all his successful students had done that his unsuccessful students failed to accomplish.  This caused Yaro to create Blog Money Finder.  Blog Money Finder is a tool and series of steps which shows bloggers where the money is in their niche.  Yaro shows you personal research techniques he uses when researching blogs, and how to tell what this audience wants that no one is providing.



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Pros and cons



  • First-hand instruction on how to set up a blog with absolutely no coding experience
  • How to determine your target audience’s size and interest in your blog before you create it.
  • How to build a platform which will directly generate traffic to your already established business
  • How to create digital products on your blog that are guaranteed to convert



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Blog Money Finder Overview 


Module 1: True Empathy

In this module, Yaro shows you how to be completely honest with yourself about what you are trying to accomplish.  On at least some level every blogger or podcaster is creating content for a partially selfish reason.  Yaro goes through many common mistakes beginners make when they initially start to produce content.  Throughout this module, Yaro explains how to be truly honest with your audience about your value proposition.  While many early entrepreneurs never want to explain how generating content helps them, Yaro shows how being honest and authentic with your audience will benefit you in the long run.  By finding out who your “super followers” are you can stop targeting unengaged people which will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

  1. The 8 Big Mistakes New Online Entrepreneurs Make That Kill Their Business Before They Even Start And How You Can Identify And Eliminate Them From Your Business
  2. How To Break Down To The True Emotional Motivation That Drives Your Target Customer To Buy Things
  3. Why Deciding NOT To Target Certain People Is The Key To Making Money

Module 2: Convergence

In this module Yaro demonstrates the key processes in differentiating yourself.  Many people are scared to start a blog or podcast in a competitive space.  Yaro explains that competition is a good thing and is a sign of an engaged niche that will spend money.  Yaro unveils the precise steps all of his successful students to not only survive but thrive in competitive niches by doubling down on their strengths and not focusing on how much better you are than your competition.  Time and time again Yaro’s course has shown how no-name bloggers have taken significant market share by following Yaro’s distinct specific process

  1. How To Stand Out And Dominate In The Very Crowded Online Market That Exists Today
  2. 8 Key Areas Where You Can Tap Into A Strength To Base Your Business On That Will Make People Choose You Over The Competition
  3. The Final Ingredient Necessary To Turn You From Just Good, To Great – Meaning You Earn The Lion-share Of Sales In Your Industry

Module 3: Research 

In this module, Yaro shows how to perform reliable research in your niche in order to figure out what your audience is spending money on.  Yaro shows how his process can be translated to any niche and how to naturally position yourself in an area where your audience wants to spend more money.  After this Yaro walks you through how to analyze and talk to your market before wasting your time and money creating products and content they do not have a serious interest in consuming.

  1. How To Find Where Money Flows Online And Then Position Your Blog Business To Stand Directly ‘Under The Stream’ Of That Income Stream
  2. The ‘3 Layers Of Research’ I Advise All My Clients To Work Through — In The Correct Order — To Search, Discover And Refine A Money Making Blog Topic.
  3. The Most Important Question You Need To Ask Your Potential Market BEFORE You Build A Business Around That Topic


Module 4: Mega Niches

In this module, Yaro explains what an “active buyer”, is and how to make sure you are targeting the active buyers in your niche.  Yaro then breaks down the mega niches he has found and how anyone can make their blog fall into one of them with several slight pivots.  Lastly, Yaro delves into the topic

  1. What Exactly An ‘Active Buyer’ Is And How To Find Them In Your Industry
  2. 30 Examples Of Money-Making Topics Inside The 3 Mega-Niches (Your Topic Will Be ‘Within’ One Of These)
  3. What Exactly An ‘Irrational Passion’ Is And How They Can Lead To A Wildly Profitable Blog Topic


Module 5: Potential


  1. How To Map Out An Entire ‘Product Funnel’ To Make Over $100,000 A Year With Your Business
  2. Why Your Competition Holds The Answer To How You Will Make Money With Your Blog
  3. 8 Different Product Types You Can Use To Create A Vision For Your Future Company



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Special Bonuses

Bonus #1 Podcast Technology Solved 

  1. The best microphones for recording superior sound, without spending a fortune
  2. Which call recording software you need to record interviews
  3. Where to find podcast specific hosting to make sure your episodes are speedy and reliable downloads
  4. All the best (and free!) software and resources for publishing your podcast, from creating your blog, cover art, intro music, transcriptions and more!
  5. Plus services you can hire who will do all the technical jobs for you

Bonus #2 Rapid Podcast Launch Guide 

  • Choose a domain name and set up your blog to host your podcast
  • Record your first audio file, save it as an MP3, and add cover art ready for publishing as a podcast
  • Upload the MP3 to the internet so people can find it and download it
  • Submit your podcast to iTunes so you can expose it to millions of people
  • Create show notes, add a blog post picture and then share it with the world
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Yaro has private Facebook communities for all his students.  This platform allows students to discuss current techniques and tactics Yaro teaches, and how to apply them to various situations.  Yaro’s groups are also great networking opportunities for people looking to enter the podcasting, blogging, and internet marketing communities.

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About the Creator


Yaro Starak became interested in the internet right before the dot-com bubble burst.  When this happened many people wrote off the internet as a fad that had run its course.  However, the crash only made Yaro more interested in it.  Yaro decided to start a website about the card game “Magic.”  On the website, players could trade and buy cards.  Yaro essentially created “eBay” for this card game.  Although the store never made a lot of money Yaro was thrilled with the success and eventually sold it for $13,000.  Not bad for a full-time college student.  After this Yaro started, which edited college applications for students who did not speak English as their primary language.  Yaro eventually took this site to over $100,000 profit a year by simply hiring more editors and advertising more. After selling for a six-figure exit Yaro decided to start a blog about his greatest passion, entrepreneurship.  Since then Yaro has created multiple information products designed to teach others how to generate passive income.  Yaro’s courses have over 3,000 students, and many of his students make more than him using his exact same methods.   




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