Blinkist Membership Review

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Blinkist Membership Review

Description:  Did you know that the average human only retains 10% – 15% of what they read every month?  In a digital world that is constantly changing it can seem impossible to actually sit down and read a book from start to finish.  Often people have 5-10 books that they really want to read and end up not reading any at all because the thought of reading 5-10 books can seem overwhelming.  Blinkist has compiled over 2,500 short reviews of the most popular non-fiction and business books in the world.  These PDF files ensure you get all the highlights without having to sift through all the fluff.  Blinkist is similar to another program called mentor box which is $7  a month.  However, some of the content on Mentor Box can only be accessed through physical copies which cost $130 a month.  However, you slice it Blinksit is a cheaper solution and offers a free 7-day trial.  It is a vast pool of knowledge and has something to offer everyone. 
  • Pricing: Fixed: 
  • Price: $79
  •  Pricing model: Yearly Subscription
  • Free Trial: Yes 7 day free trial included here

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