Athletic Aesthetic Physique Course Review (Eric Weinbrenner)

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Athletic Aesthetic Physique



Eric Weinbrenner was your classic skinny teenager who looked like he magically disappeared if he turned sideways.  Eric was extremely self-conscious about his physique and spent over 5 years experimenting with various courses, diets, coaches, supplements trying to build his dream body.  While visiting a friend in New Jersey Eric visited a special strength building gym which combined the principles of powerlifting, cross fit, and yoga into all of its workout programs.  Eric spoke with several members of the gym who described their own transformation process and what this gym allowed them to do.  Eric hired a personal trainer from the gym right away to work remotely with and the rest is history.  Eric was able to put on over 20 pounds of muscle, get a six-pack, and increase his flexibility and endurance the “Aesthetic” training techniques.


Realized most people over train which keeps them from seeing results

Perfection is not when no more can be added.  It is when no more can be removed


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Pros and cons



  • No upsells or special supplements needed to make the program work
  • Entire program can be downloaded onto phone
  • No limitations on food intake
  • Naturally increase testosterone production based on workout technique and diet
  • Become more muscular using lighter weights
  • Improves body composition not just size
  • Work out less to see better results




  • None Reported



Component 1: Athletic-Aesthetic Physique Main Manual

  • Introduces core concepts of the Athletic-Aesthetic Physique
  • Covers multiple eating strategies that can be used to accelerate results without purely relying exercises
  • Shows how to track meals and workouts in order to build a customized plan that works for you

Component 2: Athletic-Aesthetic Physique Nutrition Guide

  • Includes guide for muscle building, fat loss, and tone improvements

Component 3: Athletic-Aesthetic Physique 4X Per Week Training Template

  • Introduces you to 4x a week workout plan
  • Explains the need for rest days in order to achieve the best possible results
  • Workout plan is also customizable for multiple sports such as basketball and football

Component 4: Athletic-Aesthetic Physique 3X Per Week Training Template

  • Covers training plan if you can only work out 3 days a week
  • Demonstrates how to maximize time in the gym
  • Includes most important exercises to cover your bases

Component 5: Athletic-Aesthetic Physique 2X Per Week Training Template

  • Only focuses on essential muscle groups and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Component 6: Athletic-Aesthetic Physique For Beat Up Lifters

  • Program intended for people with nagging injuries
  • Shows workarounds and alternatives for people with hip and knee replacements
  • Shows how to replace weights with bodyweight exercises when applicable
  • Only 3 days a week to prioritize rest
  • Cuts out bench press, squats, and deadlifts
  • Shows alternative exercises to get the same results

Component 7: Athletic-Aesthetic Physique Quick Start Guide

  • includes customizable guide which shows you which program you should pick to start with given current fitness level, injury history, and diet

Component 8: Athletic-Aesthetic Physique Exercise Video Database

  • Eric personally demonstrates proper lifting technique for every exercise in the entire course
  • Alternative exercises if anything in the course causes pain or discomfort
  • How to avoid common injuires in the weight room


Bonus 1: 5 Athletic & Aesthetic Finishers

  • Shows how to inject HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) into any workout for optimal results
  • Bonus 2: Athlete Abs
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced ab programs meant to build definition and strength in muscles
  • Most students focus on this section after completing the course in order to add definition to the abdominal region

Bonus 3: Athletic-Aesthetic Physique Supplement Plan

  • This guide is worth its weight in gold
  • Eric spent thousands on supplements and has given his personal notes on what worked for him and what did not
  • Eric does not make a cent on the purchase of any supplements
  • He just details his experiences and the most up to date research to make sure you know what you are putting in your body




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