Appcoiner Course Review

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Appcoiner Course Review


The internet offers unlimited potential when it comes to making additional income.  Many people dream of working for themselves and getting rid of their 9-5.  This is where Appcoiner comes in.  Appcoiner is a website that allows people to make money by testing and reviewing apps on their mobile phone device.  Appcoiner essentially sets people up with profile pages (subdomains) on a website called Popular Reviewer. Your subdomain is essentially a pre-made website that is already set up on an existing website.  You can read more about subdomains here.  Once you sign up for your subdomain you will need to begin writing content in the form of review for the various apps you test out.  Appcoiner allows you to monetize your reviews through several different ways which you can read about below.


How Do I Make Money From Reviews?

There is a misconception (based on questionable advertising from the sales page that you will automatically get paid for reviewing apps and software.  However, you are not paid just to review something.   Before you pay the website suggests that by simply writing basic content you will get paid between 5 to 30 dollars per review, and there is no limit to the number of reviews you can write.  You are actually paid by getting people to download the apps by clicking on a button to go to the app store on your review page.  So the only way you can be paid is if you generate a lot of traffic to your page.  This is problematic for several reasons.  Firstly, if you are using Appcoiner you are probably not capable of creating your own website, where you could do your own affiliate marketing. This means you have limited funds and likely do not have a lot of internet marketing experience.  Because you are writing reviews on another website this means you do not have control of your content and it can be altered and even deleted without your permission.  It is also extremely unlikely that you will be able to generate a lot of traffic “organically” or just by writing a lot of content.  You will need to drive traffic through either paid ads or social media which is very difficult to do with no experience.  Unless you can drive a lot of traffic to your subdomain and get people to download the applications you review it will be very difficult to make anything more than a few dollars here and there.


How Much Does It Actually Cost?

Depending on how you navigate the sales page the course could cost anywhere from $40-$17.  However, by the time you get to check out the course will only cost $17. In many senses, you get what you pay for.  Access into the application only costs $17 and quite frankly you will probably not make much more money than that through this method unless you have previous digital marketing experience.


While it is possible to make money with Appcoiner, the platform does not give you a lot to work with.  This website does show someone with absolutely no experience how they can begin making money through reviews, but the “website template” they set you up with is extremely difficult to scale, and the content you write ultimately ends up on a platform you do not own which means it can be altered or deleted without your permission (although this is extremely unlikely.)  Because it will be difficult to scale and you need experience and guidance in other marketing channels in order to become successful it is probably a better idea to create your own website and begin affiliate marketing that way.  This will allow you to begin growing your site “organically” which allows you to geneterate traffic just from writing content.


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