Amazing Abs Solution Course Review (Yuri Elkaim)

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Amazing Abs Solution




Unless you are going for the “Dad Bod” look pretty much everyone would like to have six-pack abs.  Putting in the work and diet necessary to attain it is a completely different story but we will get to that in a moment…

When most people try to go for a six pack they end up…

  1. Adding a bunch of exercises to an existing workout (especially crunches which are almost worse than doing nothing)
  2. Eating a massive amount of food after they work out because they are exhausted and spent to much time in the gym
  3. Decide to have “core days” where they try to do multiple exercises isolating core muscles

This strategy is no Bueno

When Yuri broke his leg playing soccer his leg had to be immobilized for several months.  This caused his leg to atrophy and many of his muscle fibers “turned off”.  Just doing rehab exercises did not turn the muscle “back on” it caused the major muscles to compensate for the smaller muscle groups that never reactivated.  This meant that Yuri would be much more susceptible to lower body injuries in the future.  Yuri decided to hire a personal trainer in order to help get the strength back in his leg and it ended up changing every aspect of how Yuri viewed working out.

With the help of his personal trainer Yuri

  1. Removed almost all of the exercises he was doing daily in physical therapy
  2. Started using circuit training to raise his metabolic rate
  3. Focused on functional movements and exercises instead of isolating muscles
  4. Was able to reactivate other muscles in his body that had “turned off “without his knowledge


Yuri found out that ab muscles tend to turn off when someone spends over 2 hours sitting at a desk every day.  Yuri designed this training course to help anyone identify what muscles have been “turned off”, how to reactivate them, and how to build a better stronger core through functional movement.  After all if you don’t use it you lose it…



Fixed: $39

Pricing model: One-time payment

Refund Policy: None

Pros and cons


  • Step by step process on how to get rid of the muffin top
  • Includes workout charts to log progress and pictures of all example exercises
  • Customized diet suggestions
  • How to trim inches on your waistline without changing your diet one iota
  • Focuses on definition instead of bulk
  • Noticeable difference in just two weeks
  • Increased flexibility and endurance
  • Only work out a total of 1 minute per week
  • No “old school” exercises
  • No machines or fancy equipment needed




  • None Reported



Phase 1: Build 

  • This session lasts 4 weeks and if you can get through it everything else is cake
  • Yuri details how to start retraining the deepest ab muscles in order to build a strong base
  • After two to three sessions you will begin to feel your abs “firming up” when you suck your belly button in
  • Starting with exercises that focus on your outer core is like walking up the down escalator

Phase 2: Sculpt 

  • Phase 2 is also 4 weeks long… effective does not mean fast
  • Depending on your body type you should start to see baby abs around week 4 or 5
  • If you don’t see your abs yet take a chill pill and keep up with the course
  • You’ll also notice that the workouts will start to get easier… so of course, Yuri decides to make them harder
  • About halfway through this phase the circuit training really heats up and the breaks in between sets become more and more infrequent
  • This builds endurance, strength, and requires muscles to turn back on in order to complete the exercises

Phase 3: Burn 

  • Phase 3 is the last section and also 4 weeks long… you’re almost there
  • By this time your abs are there even if you cant see them because of a tiny bit of extra insulation in your midsection
  • Throughout this section you will see a steady increase in cardio
  • Phase three is all about burning belly fat and getting your abs to finally poke out
  • Obviously, your diet during the past 8 weeks will be a pretty strong indicator of how close you are to a six pack

By the end of this phase, you will

  • Substantially decrease body fat
  • Increase strength
  • Increase flexibility
  • Get turned on when you look in the mirror



Quick  Start Video Guide

  • Yuri includes video of him doing every exercise in the proper form so you can always have a reference to look back on

MP3 Audio of Every Course

  • Once you have the form down for every exercise you can just download the audio file for the course so you can go workout wherever you want without worrying about finding a screen to watch the exercises

Customized Training Calendar and Eating Plan 

  • No bs here… You are actually twice as likely to complete the course if you write everything down.  It just makes you more accountable.  Might as well give it a try.

About the Creator

Yuri Elkaim is a former professional soccer player and nutrition coach.  After noticing he was not coming back at full strength after injuries Yuri began to study how muscles atrophy, and the pistoning and firing mechanisms of muscles can stay turned off after a broken bone or torn ligament heals.  Yuri spent thousands of dollars on personal trainers trying to reactivate muscles that had been turned off for years.  After realizing not everyone could afford a personal trainer Yuri decided to create a course showing how simple functional movement and circuit training could completely remake someone’s body composition.


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