Advanced Organic Acquisition Course Review (Adam Melson)

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Advanced Organic Acquisition

Advanced Organic Acquisition Course Review

Description:  Advanced Organic Acquisition is a course developed by Seer Interactive’s head of Search Engine Optimization, Adam Melson.  Adam created this course in order to clear up what actually matters when it comes to SEO.  While working as a consultant for several small businesses Adam realized very few “marketing” people actually knew what mattered when it comes to SEO impacting page ranking in Google.  This course is designed to show anyone how to build a website with an above average SEO foundation or imprint good SEO practices onto an existing site.  If you find yourself hitting a plateau with users, CTR, or any type of conversion this strategy shows you how to create natural funnels and grow at a steady rate.  This course lasts 5 weeks and is designed for all students to take actionable steps to achieve their goals.
Module 1: Acquisition Through Content Gaps
– This module explains how to research competitors, find gaps in your niche, and begin educating your audience and building your brand on a sub-niche with little to no competition.
Module 2: Acquisition Through Referral Services 
– This module explains exactly how to navigate Google Analytics, and any other data you may have.  Many “marketing” people can feel overwhelmed by all this data, but Adam explains how you can discard around 95% of this data and drive growth based on a few key metrics.  If you do not have a live website yet Adam will show how to gather data on competitors and set up your data collection in the proper way.
Module 3: Acquisition Through Assets
– This module explains how to create valuable content and infographics even if you have no copywriting or design experience.  Adam explains how you can share valuable content with other websites and use this to leverage your brand awareness, exposure, and credibility.
Module 4: Humanizing The Experience 
– Relationships may not seem extremely important when you spend most of your time on a computer.  However, Adam explains how this makes relationships even more important.  It is extremely important to show any visitors to your site the human element.  If people get exposed to the people behind the brand they will build trust with your site.  The #1 most underrated factor in SEO is brand credibility.  With all the “fake news” circulating Google is relying more and more on trusted brands to control the narrative.
Module 5: How Penalties and Algorithm Updates Impact Traffic 
– This course explains how to keep the audience you already have, while you begin to change the foundation of your site.  The #1 priority when optimizing your site is to make sure you do not lose any of your existing audience.  Adam explains how to use data to determine how Google’s algorithm and ranking placement will begin to change with your updates.
Module 6: Quick Wins 
 This module is all about finding the low hanging fruit in SEO.  While SEO changes do not happen cause massive changes overnight, chances are a few tweaks could positively impact your impressions and rankings within a few days.
Module 7: Setting Yourself Up For Success
 This module is about automating everything you possibly can on your site.  This includes setting up alerts, premade reports, ad spend, competitors, and plugins to make the customer experience easier.
Module 8: Technical SEO’s Impact on Traffic Acquisition 
– This module dives into the technical aspects of building and running a website. It is not terribly exciting, but Adam shows you how to set up and build everything you could possibly want on your site.  No computer science, coding, or design background required.
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