Adsense Machine Course Review (Ankur Shukla) 2018

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Adsense Machine

Adsense Machine Course Review

Description:  Adsense Machine is an online course designed to explain how anyone can still use Google Adsense to drive profitable decisions for any website in 2018.  Many people believe that it is no longer possible to run profitable affiliate websites through Google Adsense.    Many people believe Google Adsense is too expensive, requires professional copywriting, or requires your site to have hundreds of backlinks to gain any organic traffic. However, Ankur Shukla has been profitably using Google Adsense for all his websites over the past 5 years.  In fact, Google Adsense is the program that drives the majority of Ankur’s decisions for content on his websites.  This course is designed to teach anyone how to easily set up a WordPress website and set up affiliate marketing funnels to generate thousands of dollars per month in passive income.  
This course is designed to help anyone build their first profitable website through WordPress, or simply drive more traffic to their existing platforms.  Throughout this training, Ankur shows how you can run ads to jumpstart your site but can use SEO as a longterm plan to massively scale your site.
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