7 Figure Firesale Course Review (Edmund Loh)

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7 Figure Firesale

7 Figure Firesale Course Review

Description:  The 7 Figure Fire sale is an online course designed to teach you exactly how to make money on the internet in 2018.  This course is intended to teach anyone (no matter what their financial resources are) how to begin making money on the internet.  This course shows you how to begin using affiliate marketing to begin generating revenue, and then moving on to selling physical products and creating your own privately labeled brand.  The initial course is comprised into four sections:
Newbie: This module explains how to be thrifty if you are running low on startup funds.  It will also teach you the basics of setting up an online store, and the proper mindset you need to have to make sure you do not get discouraged and quit as soon as it gets hard.
Beginner: This module breaks down how you can begin to reinvest in your business in order to dramatically increase sales.  Finding cheap ads, creating funnels, and upselling customers through both affiliate marketing and physical products are essential to growing any sort of brand.  This is the part where most people give up.
Advanced: This module is a complete baptism into the world of e-commerce (it is also the longest module).  In this course you will learn all about product funnels, social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram, Google ad words campaigns, new forms of social media it is important to capitalize on, SEO, and much more.  This module shows how continuous optimization and the willingness to try new strategies are what truly separates the good from the great on the internet.
Guru: This is the final module of the initial course.  This course is all about scaling your business and beginning to build a personal brand if you have not begun to already.  This includes how to make your own unique content and courses, getting exposure on other blogs and podcasts, and finally learning how to spot new trends as they emerge.
This course was created by Edmund Loh because he had very limited capital when starting out almost 15 years ago.  This course is priced so cheaply so you can get started without sacrificing your present while planning for your future.
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  • Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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