2 Week Diet Course Review (Brian Flatt)

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2 Week Diet


The 2-Week Diet is an online nutritional wellness course showing anyone how they can lose up to 18 pounds in just two weeks through moderate dieting and exercise.  This course explains how through moderate tweaks to your diet and exercise regiment you can safely shed over one pound per day. Many people are discouraged from trying diets or new workout programs because the idea of sticking to a new diet for months seems daunting.  This is why nutritionist and personal trainer Brian Flatt created the 2-Week Diet.  Brain’s course includes customized nutritional handbooks, exercise routines, and motivational strategies to ensure you hit your goals.  Brain’s course can be continued indefinitely to achieve maximum results, however, his course is called the 2-week diet because anyone who follows it will see noticeable results in less than 2 weeks!

Throughout this course, Brain demonstrates multiple ways both men and women can greatly increase their metabolic rate, lower their cholesterol, and increase their energy in order to begin losing weight.  While The 2-Week Diet gives detailed nutritional and exercise advice, the course focuses much more on the dieting and nutritional aspects of the course.   There is a common expression that says “abs are made in the kitchen, not the weight room.”  This course explains how a little bit of exercise combined with the proper diet can give recognizable results in as little as two weeks.

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The 2-Week Diet

Brain breaks the course into several sections which cover fat loss, nutrients, metabolism, insulin levels, fasting, supplements, and exercise.  The course comes in three different guidebooks (The Launch Handbook, The Diet Handbook, and the activity handbook.)

Weight Loss

In the weight loss section, Brain explains the science behind weight loss and what really causes a person to gain and lose weight.  Brian also explains how men and women gain weight differently.  Many courses do not differentiate weight loss strategy between men and women which leads to dangerous diets and portions.  Brian explains how the physiology between men and women is very different and how weight loss strategies require different nutritional strategies and exercises.


After explaining how weight loss actually works Brain details how to adequately fuel your body with carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fruits, vegetables and water.  Many diets suggest that people completely cut out certain food groups such as dairy or carbohydrates.  however, Brain explains that consistently putting yourself at a caloric deficit is the only way to truly lose weight.  If you eat 500 calories of Almonds every day it will be extremely difficult to lose any weight even though almond are “healthy”.  By targeting your body with precise nutrition detailed in the 2-Week Diet, Brain shows how you can reprogram your body in as little as 2 weeks.


In this section, Brian explains how certain foods, activity levels, and even gender can affect your metabolic rate or “metabolism”.  Brain explains how you can “hack your metabolism” through special foods and exercises in order to accelerate your weight loss.  Throughout this section, Brain shows foods you need to consume more of and actively stay away from.


After completely going over all the nutritional changes you will need in order to begin losing weight Brian explains hwo exercise can be paired in order to accelerate weight loss.  Brian explains that many people believe exercise is as important or even more important than diet in order to lose weight. Brian explains that 20-30 minutes of exercise a day is more than enough exercise to promote cardiovascular health and increase your metabolism.  The 2-week Diet shows a series of functional movements and exercises that will allow both men and women to live healthy happy lives.


In addition to full access to The 2-Week Diet Brian includes several bonuses for purchasing the program.  For older customers, Brain includes his personal guide for combatting arthritis which he gives to all his personal clients.  This guide explains various foods, exercises and supplements can significantly reduce the effects of arthritis.  Brian also details many supplements that are actually not beneficial to consume.  Lastly, Brian explains how calcium does not actually strengthen bones.  Brian explains natural methods anyone can use to strengthen their bones.



The 2-Week Diet makes a lot of promises for something that ends up costing less than $30.  While the sales page may be extremely enthusiastic the course does show a safe way to drop weight quickly.  However, if you do purchase and follow this course you will need to keep following the protocol in order to keep up with your progress.  If you only follow the program for 2 weeks and then revert to your old diet and exercise habits you will immediately gain back the weight you lost.  The 2-Week Diet definitely shows results in 2 weeks, but you need to continue following the course if you want the benefits to last.


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