101 Foods That Fight Aging (Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling)


101 Foods That Fight Aging



Just because you get older every year does not mean your body and mind have to deteriorate.   As people age, they tend to face problems such as blood sugar problems, a slowing metabolism, and everyday aches and pains.  Most people tend to associate these problems as an inevitable reality of aging.  However, 101 Foods That Fight Aging cuts right through these myths and shows how simple diet and exercise habits can make you feel 20 years younger.  This book was written by Certified Nutrition Specialist Mike Geary and Registered Nurse Catherine Ebeling.



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  • Plans Constructed by Certified Nutrition Specialist and Registered Nurse
  • Easy tips to control your blood sugar and hormone levels
  • How to burn fat without supplements and still being able to eat fatty foods.
  • 15 Herbs and Spices you can add to any dish to help you control high blood sugar
  • How to use certain vitamin combinations to control telomere lenght, which can make you up to 5 years younger on a cellular level
  • 3 “Healthy” Foods that actually accelerate aging



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101 Foods That Fight Aging Overview

101 Foods That Fight aging shows you the A-Z walkthrough of how to keep yourself healthy and feeling young.  Throughout the book, Mike Geary and Elizabeth Ebeling break down how you really are what you eat. Before diving into the meat of the book both Mike and Catherine simplify many complex nutritional terms The principles in this book can be applied to any dietary lifestyle including vegetarians, vegans, the Paleo Diet, and much more.  After breaking down many of the processes the body goes through on a day to day basis Mike explains how certain foods can accelerate harmful processes in the body such as oxidation, inflammation, and glycation. However, there are also certain foods which can counteract theses processes.  Mike goes in-depth on how slight dietary adjustments can completely change your life.


When you purchase 101 Foods That Fight Aging you are also entitled several extra bonuses…

Bonus #1- The 7-Day Back Pain Cure

The 7-Day Back Pain Cure is included absolutely free with your purchase of 101 Foods That Fight Aging.  This free book is intended for anyone with back or neck pain. This book shows simple home exercises, tips, tricks, and techniques for many common back ailments such as Sciatica, pinched nerves, and bulging discs.

Bonus #2- Arthritis Reversed 

Arthritis Reversed is essential for you or any loved one who suffers from arthritis.  This book delves deep into the true causes of arthritis and shows how your diet and exercise routine can exacerbate arthritis or make it almost completely go away. Most doctors merely try to treat the symptoms of arthritis, while this book shows you proven ways to cause you arthritis to dissipate.  This free bonus outlines common imbalances that cause arthritis, how martial arts can decrease arthritis, long forgotten ancient therapies specifically designed to combat the causes of arthritis


About the Creator


Mike Geary worked a 9-5 office job for 10 years and felt that something was missing.  When told by one of his mentors to go work in a field he was passionate about he decided to quit his job and become a personal trainer.  While working as a personal trainer Mike realized that most people were extremely uneducated about exercise and nutrition, and believed supplements and pills would be able to cover inadequacies.  Mike then decided to write a short book called “The Truth About Abs”.  This short book was intended to provide clarity for people who wanted to lose belly fat and live a healthier lifestyle.  After almost 10 years and 500,000 copies sold Mike has done just that.



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