101 Ecom Shopify Mastery Course Review (Zach Inman)

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101 Ecom Shopify Mastery

101 Ecom Shopify Mastery Course Review

Description:  101 Ecom Shopify Mastery was created by internet entrepreneur web designer Zach Inman.  Zach’s course shows how anyone can build a profitable website by outsourcing products through Alibaba and DH Gate.  However, Zach does not see the drop shipping model as a long-term business plan.  Zach sees drop shipping as a way to test out a lot of products, quickly but not as an effective or profitable way to scale a business.  Zach’s strategy shows you how to start your store by initially drop shipping, but ordering your most popular products in bulk in order to greatly reduce your cost and the amount of time customers have to wait to receive their order.  In addition, Zach’s course breaks down everything you need to know about running Instagram and Facebook ads in 2018.  Zach shows how to make high converting advertisements even if you have no background in design.  101 Ecom Shopify Mastery also has multiple modules breaking down pricing psychology, niche selection, and competitor research.  It is also competitively priced at $197 which is very cheap for such a comprehensive drop shipping class.  If you are interested in growing a sustainable website this course may be for you.
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